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About Psychotherapy #01

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy aims to help people know more about themselves and their relationships with others. This enables them to live more fulfilling lives and feel more in control of their personal and professional relationships.

Some people come to therapy with very specific issues they want to explore and understand. These could include feeling anxious and having panic attacks, experiencing difficulty in a relationship or struggling with a bereavement or other loss. Others come with a more general feeling that something is not quite right. This could be a feeling of being stuck, or feeling that relationships are not going as they would like or that they're just not feeling as though they're fulfilling their potential.

Regardless of what brings you to seek therapy, it is important to note that it is not about getting advice from your therapist. While I have trained and have wide experiences with understanding relationship dynamics, personality development and unconscious processes, ultimately you are the expert on yourself. Many people find having an open and free space to reflect on themselves very liberating. I view psychotherapy as a joint venture, with you working with your therapist to explore aspects of your everyday life and potentially uncover patterns from your past.

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